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This particular blog archive allows businesses and individuals to stay up to date with all the latest digital marketing news. We are always reading interesting articles and attending seminars and conferences. Which means we can give great insight into everything that is happening in the Digital marketing world. We try not to blog for the sake of blogging and hope that our digital marketing blog archive will provide you lots of useful tips on how to better help promote your business website online.


We always welcome feedback and comments on any of the articles that we have published. So feel free to comment on any of the articles you have read within any of the ImDigital blog archives.  We will take any points, be them positive or negative on board constructively. After all, Any feedback is good and can help us to improve the articles we publish and make the all the blog archive’s as relevant as possible

Website design, or functionality?

Website design, or functionality?   Being a Google partner & an established web design agency, we have helped a number of different companies with their web design requirements. Whether they are a new start-up business looking to establish themselves within the marketplace. Or an already established business looking to improve their current brand offering. We
Google my business centre.   Your Google my business centre, if done right can be your companies number one marketing tool. The Google my business centre is the inner workings of your business’s Google maps positions. It allows you to market your business’s products and services to a local customer base via your website, when

ImDIgital Web Design Process

The ImDigital web design process   If a job is worth doing it’s worth doing right. This is non-more apparent than with your website. A good web development company should understand that it is your digital shop front and your customers first and in some cases last impression of your business. So, it needs to be user

Secure Web Design With HTTPS

Website security with Https HTTP and HTTPS is the text that appears in your URL bar at the top of the page before your www. For example It basically represents an abbreviation of either Hypertext Transfer Protocol or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. In layman’s terms it is a method of transmitting and receiving information across
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Hero image and web design

What is a Hero Image? A hero image on a website is a large banner like photo that is set across the main title area of a website and is found predominantly in the header area. A hero Image is used to instantly draw attention to the page and engage the user with a thirst

Mobile Madness

Gone are the days of gazing in awe as Zack Morris pulled out is gargantuan ‘mobile telephone’ infuriating Principle Belding in the process. The mobile phone has like most things in modern society evolved. They are sleek, slim line extensions of our personal lives. They allow us to bank, shop, socialise and surf at our


Pay Per Click, or PPC. Is a highly targeted trackable form of marketing allowing users to target clients at specific times of the buying cycle and only pay for the adverts of the customer clicks on their advert and goes to their site. How does it work? Simple, as an owner of a business you
ImDigital mist imagery
There are literally thousands of options for businesses when it comes to website development. Each option presenting its own unique set of problems leaving businesses confused and more often than not with a web site designer that simply does not deliver what the client wanted them to do. The main examples of these are… PLC and National

It's worth doing right!

ImDigital adopt the above 5 step web design process for each website project we take on. However there is no set formula, we just find that this way works for us! Picking your web designer is a little bit like getting the right child minder, you need to trust them and ensure they have got your business’s (Your baby) best interests at heart.