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3HCCTV & Alarms

3HCCTV & Alarms are a team of specialist CCTV & intruder alarm suppliers and installers working across Derbyshire, South Yorkshire & Nottinghamshire.

Project details

We were originally tasked with an SEO overhaul of their original website to tidy up some of the on-site issues and to help create a profile with some off-site techniques. Upon the successful completion of this work we suggested a Google Ads digital marketing campaign to help drive relevant traffic to the website. This was once again a success.

Finally after establishing a solid working relationship we highlighted the low conversion rate that the website was getting from the traffic generated by the digital campaigns. We agreed upon a full website redevelopment and and designed and built a new site that was easier on the high and laid out to convert the traffic into customers. The site has been a massive success improving the overall conversion rate from 5% to 11% helping to generate more enquiries from the same marketing budget.

We have worked with ImDigital for the past 2 years. The help they have provided has increased the number of enquiries we receive and helped me grow my business.

Andy Stevens