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We are a Google Partner Agency based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. We have been building and managing pay per click advertising campaigns for over 20 years. We produce cost effective Google Ads & Bing Ads campaigns for a variety of industries across the UK. We work with clients to analyse targeted audiences and competition to produce a high performing PPC strategy. Our digital marketing campaigns have high conversion rates and generate leads. Get found on the search engine results page with ImDigital.

PPC Services Near ME? Yes! We Are Local And Ready To Help

We are based in Chesterfield and have a proven track record of producing measurable results across the Google & Bing networks. A PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign with ImDigital is a great way to market a new business or support an established one.

Whether you are new to PPC ads or looking to improve your existing paid advertisements. The PPC marketing experts at ImDigital offer a PPC agency near me servic e in Chesterfield and across the UK.

Pay Per Click Set-up & Build

There are no additional set-up fees with our paid advertising campaigns. We analyse search terms. Produce ad copy, and research the best ad groups and campaign types.

Pay Per Click Account Manager

You will be assigned a Chesterfield based account manager to help you with your campaign. We will work with you to ensure that users can find your product or service and click on your ads.

Website Analysis For PPC

We will conduct a thorough website analysis to identify landing pages. Then make suggestions on how to improve conversion rates and deliver a better average cost per click (cpc)

Ongoing Paid Marketing Management

We will monitor your campaign and make improvements when necessary. We will also recommend other campaign types such as Google Shopping. Or paid social campaigns if we believe they will be profitable for your business.

Pay Per Click Reporting

We provide an in-depth 24/7 reporting suite as part of all the digital marketing campaigns we manage. We also send a monthly update to keep you informed of the progress & success of your ongoing campaigns.

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How does Pay Per Click Work?

Whether you are looking to run a Google Ads or Bing Ads campaign, the basic principles of PPC remain the same.

  1. Select the campaign type and bidding strategy that best suits your goals.
  2. Research then choose the searched terms and locations you want to be found for.
  3. Create engaging adverts that will attract users to your product or service.
  4. Select relevant landing pages that match the products and services you are targeting from your chosen keywords.
  5. Allocate a daily budget that will adequately cover the keywords and locations you have selected.
  6. Monitor, track, and improve your campaign performance to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Your adverts are then displayed when someone searches for keywords you have selected, within your target location. When a user clicks on your ad the price of the click is deducted from your daily budget. Finally, wh en you exceed your daily budget, your adverts are no longer displayed. Until the following day when your daily budget is refreshed, and the process starts all over again.

Admittedly there is quite a bit more to it than these fundamentals. This means a po orly set - up, or managed campaign can quickly run through a budget without yielding any results. Which is why working with a Google Ads Partner Agency can help you master the complicated world of Pay Per Click.

Proven PPC success

A PPC campaign managed by professionals can help any business to grow. Our certified online marketing specialists work with you to build campaigns that are cost - effective and successful. Each campaign we build comes fully equipped with 24/7 access to a comprehensive reporting suite . This allows our digital marketing customers to track the successes achieved by their campaign.

We focus on delivering quality leads and conversions, not just website visits. Work with our PPC team and achieve your online marketing goals.

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Accredited search engine partners

ImDigital Ltd is a Chesterfield based Google Partner Agency. This means any advertising budget you allocate to PPC will be managed by certified professionals. Your dedicated account manager will work with you to:

  • Analyse your campaign
  • Plan for upcoming trends or events in the market
  • Evaluate your spend and recommend changes to better utilise your budgets

We build long-standing working relationships with search engines and customers.

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Who we work with

We have collaborated with a range of companies across various industries that have unique objectives and financial resources. Be it a new business looking to grab the attention of potential customers. Or an established brand looking for assistance in improving quality scores & conversion rates. Our diligent team can help to accelerate and sustain your online growth.

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