Buy cheap buy twice


Ian Murray

There are literally thousands of options for businesses when it comes to website development. Each option presenting its own unique set of problems leaving businesses confused and more often than not with a web site designer that simply does not deliver what the client wanted them to do.

Lazy national companies

PLC and National based companies – Many of you will have had some form of dealing with companies like these, building soulless 5-10 page websites for anything from £300- £600. Why so cheap I hear you ask? These kind of sites usually have a monthly management fee attached of anything from £20-£50 and will be offered as part of a bigger PPC package. In most cases you do not own this website and are merely renting the site from the company you think you have bought it from. You will find yourself as a consequence at the mercy of the large PLC’s sales force who will barrage you with a volley of new PPC promotions, and reasons to continue to increase your monthly spend. Hence the low initial cost and the subsequent monthly fee.

Free web site builders

Free website builders – Excuse our cynicism, but there is very little in this world that is free. A functional, responsive website is certainly not one of them. When your tax returns are due, you go to an accountant. When your boiler is broken, you call a plumber and when your website needs an overhaul you should call an expert web designer. The sites produced by the free builder’s look just that, free! and give an unprofessional first impression off to your potential clients when they visit it.

Rogue web designers

Wannabe web designers – We have all seen advertisements from so called web designers advertising websites for anything as little as £200. Why is it £200? Do these companies have some secret formula? Or super designer who can program a highly responsive, functional site for £200? No unfortunately is the answer! They are more than likely cutting corners, or in most cases have no idea what they are doing and simply throwing a site together that looks ok from the outset, but is a mere hollow Easter egg site, with nothing inside to support it and enable it to rank on the search engines.

If you need a new website you want:

  1. It to look good and give a good first impression of your business.
  2. People to be able to find your site by searching for keywords you want to be found for on search engines.
  3. To have a flow to it, speed and functionality in order to retain the traffic once it arrives.
  4. And finally for the site to convert your traffic into customers.

There is no trick to a good website, simply understanding between the business and the web developer, hard work from the design team, good communication throughout the build and superb after care post launch to ensure the site achieves its functionality goals.

Trust the local professionals

ImDigital are a digital marketing agency based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. With all the skills and accreditations of a large PLC minus the monumental costs. Our team of developers and account managers ooze flair and creativity and really get to understand your brand vision and help you replicate this through your new bespoke website. Speak to an adviser today and open the possibilities of your businesses online potential.

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