Google Business Centre


Ian Murray

If done right this can be your companies number one marketing tool. The Google my business centre is the inner workings of your business’s Google maps positions. It allows you to market your business’s products and services to a local customer base via your website, when potential clients search for goods and services locally.

There are many ways that you can utilise your Google my business centre, below we have given you a short insight into each.

Home – This is an overview section where you can see all the important parts that make up your My business account

Posts – This is a new element. You can now post through your Google my business account, like on Facebook you can add a variety of different buttons, and post types, like ‘create an event’ or allows customers to ‘buy’ a specific product or service

Info – Self-explanatory but vitally important to get right. This section allows you to tell customers, what products and services you offer. Where you offer them in terms of location. What times these products and services are available via your opening hours and branding via a logo and cover image. Always spend an extra 10 minutes when filling out this section as it has huge bearing on what you will ultimately appear on Google for.

Insights – This tool shows you the number of actions that have occurred through your My business account. You can see the amount of searches your business has been displayed for. How users have interacted with your account in terms of website visitors, calls and request for directions. The insight tab is a good way to keep an eye on your Google activity if you are a bit daunted by using Analytics.

Reviews – You can generate reviews through your Google my business centre allowing users to rate the products and services you have to offer. The review section in the My business centre allows you to respond to the reviews and interact with your customers.

Photos – You can manage the photos that are displayed on your Google profile through this particular tool. It allows you to break up the photos into user, from owner, 360, interior and exterior. Making it easier for you to showcase your business to potential clients.

Website – For those businesses who don’t have a website, My business centre allows you to create one within this option. It can also be used as a landing page before a user enters the main website

User – This the final feature from the main bar allows you to manage who has access to the Google my business centre. You can allow multiple users different levels of access to be able to make changes to the My business account. This is the most secure and recommended way to allow agency access to your Google profile should you require any assistance with the above.

Google Business Centre is a free tool which if set-up and managed to its full potential can shave thousands off your paid marketing formats including Google Ads.

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