Mobile madness


Ian Murray

Gone are the days of gazing in awe as Zack Morris pulled out is gargantuan ‘mobile telephone’ infuriating Principle Belding in the process. The mobile phone has like most things in modern society evolved. They are sleek, slim line extensions of our personal lives. They allow us to bank, shop, socialise and surf at our convenience when and where we choose!

The ever changing, innovative designs have had a huge effect on the world, this is non more apparent than how we now engage with websites through our mobile devices. 2016 was a landmark year for several reasons, England lost to lowly Iceland in the Euro’s and mobile devices surpassed desktop on Google search! We’ll focus on the latter seismic event for the remainder of the blog for everyone’s sanity.

So, people now do more searches on mobiles than on desktops, what does that mean for your business? Simple you either move with the times or face being left behind. Mobile friendly web design is essential to your business website.

Mobile friendly web design

We have all been there carelessly perusing the internet for a product or service only to land on what can only be described as a hideous website with huge text, and more scrolls than the dead sea. But to cap it all off when you go to click on the websites phone number….Nothing happens! What do you do, the same as 88% of other users, go elsewhere!

User’s hate unresponsive non-mobile sites and Google feel exactly the same way. Which is why they have launched the testmysite facility. Pretty straight forward stuff. You merely enter your website URL and google runs numerous checks to see how mobile friendly and fast your site is. It produces a report on 3 sections:

  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Mobile speed
  • Desktop speed

In the interest of keeping this post short and sweet we are going to focus on the first element today; Mobile friendliness.

The key aspects are:

  • Size content to viewport
  • Size tap targets appropriately
  • Avoidance of plugin’s
  • Configuration of the viewport
  • Usage of legible font sizes

The ImDigital site score 95/100 (We’re getting there) Many other sites score far worse and quite simply do not show on the search engines Google & Bing as a consequence.

What can you do?

You have a number of option’s; you can highlight the issue to the company who as overlooked the issues thus far (Your current provider) You can attempt to resolve the issues yourself. Or you can speak to a team of Google & Bing certified individuals with over 10 years digital marketing prowess!

All of our web designs are built to be mobile friendly, fast and responsive. In this ever changing digital world all projects we host and manage are monitored and regularly updated to ensure they meet the requirements set out by the search engines.

We take a great deal of pride in producing websites that not only convert clicks into customer’s but also rank on the search engines through our in- built SEO and ongoing management packages. Speak to a Chesterfield agent today and see how we can help your website realise it’s potential

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