Can a new website really transform your business?

Can a new website really transform your business?


Ian Murray

Every business owner up and down the country will at some point have been told ‘A new website can transform your business’ by a multitude of cold calling sales experts. Many of these so-called experts have not even looked at your existing website and are merely being connected to you via a dialler. All of whom are hoping to steal the attention of their next unsuspecting victim.

But could a new website actually work? We wanted to test the theory and see what difference a new site would make to a local tradesman’s website statistics.

The background behind the change

The company in question had been running a Google Ads campaign with us for the previous 12 months. They were relatively content with the results. After all the campaign was paying for itself and helping to slowly grow his business.

The reason for the change

The original website and supporting marketing was generating roughly 1000 visitors per month. The main issue was that only 2% of this traffic was converting into actual enquiries.

After a little bit of gentle persuasion we managed to convince the business owner that a new website will not only improve rankings, but also the conversion rate of the website.

The old website

As you can see from the statistics generated by Google Data Studio. The original site in the first 10 days of October 2020 generated 8 conversions (Calls, emails, form fills)

The new website

Following the successful web redevelopment the new version was now generating 36 conversions in the first 10 days of November. This was done using the same Google Ads campaigns and budgets, with the only difference being the website that the visitors were landing on.

In conclusion

Sometimes your marketing strategy might be correct, but the end user is not convinced by how your business is being represented via your website. By having a professional website redesign you can increase the conversion rate of your website and subsequently increase the number of enquiries you receive without having to spend more money on marketing.

How can ImDigital help?

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