Is your business ready for a circuit breaker lockdown?


Ian Murray

Boris Johnson is facing increasing pressure from MP’s. They claim the current 3 tier system will not be sufficient to curb the increasing number of Covid-19 cases. Many believe that a circuit breaker lockdown during the school half term break is required to halt the spread.

Northern Ireland have just announced plans for a 4 week lockdown. Schools will close for 2 weeks and pubs and restaurants once again only allowed to offer a takeaway service. Will Boris follow suit and introduce further nationwide restrictions? Many businesses who are once again just starting to find their feet after the Spring lockdown will be hoping not.

Is your business ready?

If circuit breaker lockdowns are to become a regular occurrence, how can you adapt your business to continue to trade and ride out the storm?

– Can you still trade under a national lockdown? Check with the UK government advice website to see how you can continue to trade: – Can you adapt your products and services to enable you to continue trading during a national lockdown? – Do you have a website to enable you to trade online? Is it of a sufficient standard? – Does your business have an eCommerce platform to enable you to trade online? – How do you currently promote your products and services online? How can you improve your online presence? Website design – A professional web design from an experienced team of web designers is imperative. If your website generates 1000 visitors per month, but you only convert 1% of these to enquiries, you are missing out. A well designed and maintained website can convert at a minimum of 10%. This enables you to simply work with your existing traffic but increase conversions tenfold.

PPC – PPC advertising through Google Adwords is an essential part of any successful digital marketing strategy. A Google partner agency will conduct extensive keyword research. This ensures your PPC ads have a high quality score, fantastic ad rank and deliver consistent results.

SEO – Search engine optimisation is a great way to increase your rankings on the search engines. Relevant title tags, quality meta descriptions and solid link building can improve your websites online presence. Social media – A good social media marketer will work with you to produce relevant content that accurately reflects your business goals. The delivery of the content needs to be appealing to your chosen demographic to ensure they engage and interact with your offering.

In summary

A further national lockdown will undoubtedly have a major impact on UK businesses and the economy as a whole. But with careful planning and a solid strategy, businesses can continue to trade successfully and see some light at the end of the tunnel.

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