Our web design process


Ian Murray

If a job is worth doing its worth doing right. This is non-more apparent than with your website. A good web development company should understand that it is your digital shop front and your customers first and in some cases last impression of your business. So, it needs to be user friendly and have a clear purpose.

When choosing a designer for your site you need to choose one who understands this and has a tried and tested formula for producing impressive results.

Below we explain the ImDigital web design process undertaken when taking on any new client website project.

  1. Initial consultation. This is probably the most crucial step in the process and allows both parties to set their project requirements. Getting to understand a client’s ideas for their website is imperative and ensures that both designer and customer are singing of the same hymn sheet in terms of where they see the project going and how the website will feel and look.
  2. Plan & Timescales. Knowing how you are going to approach a task is imperative in any industry. The development team should set out a clear plan on how they are going to take on the client’s objectives in terms of design and site performance. This will run alongside a clear timeframe with regular client contact to ensure the project is running in line with expectations
  3. Design & Build. The plan in section 2 is a guide, there will be instances during the build stage where the developer may come up with alternative designs that may require customer approval. Staying in touch and getting client feedback is essential to ensuring the finished build hits the brief
  4. Test & Approval. A top-quality website should be tested during the build & web design process to minimalise issues post launch, but there should always be a final thorough testing stage prior to any site going live. It only takes one poor customer experience to ruin your new sites big day. Each site should be rigorously tested for quality and usability standards prior to being sent for final client approval.
  5. Launch & Aftercare is one of the most important steps of the web design process. Once all the above steps have been completed your site is ready to go. We always recommend any launch or re-launch to be accompanied by some kind marketing strategy, or event to support and create awareness. It doesn’t necessarily need to break the bank it maybe a simple email/social campaign notifying existing customers of the changes. Or just a low key PPC campaign designed to increase traffic enabling you to test and compare site conversions. In any case, you should always ensure your site is hosted securely and that you have some kind of web support in place to enable you to make changes yourself or get vital assistance should anything go wrong.

ImDigital adopt the above 5 step web design process for each website project we take on. However there is no set formula, we just find that this way works for us! Picking your web designer is a little bit like getting the right child minder, you need to trust them and ensure they have got your business’s (Your baby) best interests at heart.

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