Website design or functionality?


Ian Murray

Being a Google partner & an established web design agency, we have helped a number of different companies with their web design requirements. Whether they are a new start-up business looking to establish themselves within the marketplace. Or an already established business looking to improve their current brand offering. We have years of experience in helping all types of business achieve their aspirational goals.

Along the way we are often tasked with trying to achieve a good balance between the websites design and its functionality. So what is more important? A cool design, or an easy to use, well functioning website?


Most web design projects start with a brand. We are often given a new logo, colour scheme and some example websites as a starter pallet to work with to mirror the vision the client has for their new site. Your website in many instances is your digital shop front, so getting the design right is imperative. There are a number of aspects to consider when establishing a website design.

  • Website purpose: What is the purpose of the website? E-commerce? Point of reference?
  • Corporate identity: How do we portray who or what you do through the design of the new website?
  • Competitor analysis: What are your competitors doing? How can we differentiate you from them?
  • Customer feedback: What do your customers want from your website? What are they expecting to see?

Upon establishing the above, our project managers will work closely with the development team & client to establish what the website design should include. How it should feel in order to establish your brand and engage with visitors.


Any web design company worth its salt, should provide a ‘Full service’ when it comes to the design of your website. This not only means creating a nice, easy on the eye design. But also a website laid out to function to the needs of its users. Once again there are a number of factors to consider.

  • Website purpose: What is the purpose of the website? E-commerce? Point of reference? What goals do you want the website to achieve, visitors, calls, emails, online purchases?
  • Competitor analysis: What are your competitors doing? What does & doesn’t work for them? How can we improve upon what they are offering?
  • Customer feedback: What do your customers want your website to do? What would make it easier for them to engage and ultimately purchase from you or your website?
  • Does the customer require a content management system in order to keep the site up to date for its target audience?
  • What digital marketing will be used to promote the website? How will users be accessing the new version and what will they expect when they arrive?

Once factoring in all of the above, it is good practice to establish how a visitor will access the site, be it through a social media platform, a direct visitor or through a search engine. Then think about what you want them to do? With this information you can lay out your website to flow from the user entering, through to them completing your desired goal.


Any website design agency going through the design and develop stage should always look to establish a rapport with the user through a great design, but not over complicate matters. When establishing the overall design you should factor in how it will impact the functionality of the site. Likewise when adapting your layout and features of the site you should be conscious of how the functionality will impact on the design. Like most things, everything in moderation would be a good mantra to adopt when constructing your new website.

We are a well established website design company based in Derbyshire. Our web design team is built up from graphic designers through to search engine optimisation experts, each contributing their own expertise to ensure that every project we undertake is sympathetic to both the design and functionality of your website.

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