What is a hero image?


Ian Murray

What is a Hero Image?

A hero image on a website is a large banner like photo that is set across the main title area of a website and is found predominantly in the header area. A hero Image is used to instantly draw attention to the page and engage the user with a thirst to discover more about the brand and sell the concept of the sites main products and services with the use of visuals. There are no exceptions to the use of hero images, any site big or small can use them. The use of the Hero image and web design is by far one of the biggest trends in the industry.


The ImDigital website adopts the same principles. When establishing the companies brand the development team discussed how to appeal to the target market and what suits the area we are going to be working in? Being based in Chesterfield and the abundance of iconic scenery on our doorstep with the Peak District and Chatsworth estate to name but a few. The team got in touch with some local photographers and discussed the concept of the hero image and how it would be used on the ImDigital website. It was very apparent that there was one man for the job and one look at the images Stephen Elliott produces will explain why. He captures the scene elegantly and gives a real feel for the atmosphere around him when he takes his landscape pictures. Stephen provided us with a number of options for the ImDigital website’s home page and we all agreed and settled on this one…

We felt it encapsulated the feel of the brand and would instantly draw attention to the page with ImDigital being a Chesterfield based Web designer and using a stunning image of the peak district in Derbyshire, a mere stone’s throw from the heart of the Chesterfield’s bustling market centre.

The origins of the hero images

Large full screen imagery has been available on websites for some time. However with the introduction of fibre optic broadbands and consequent increase of global internet speeds the use of larger header images has become far easier and does not put much strain on bandwidth. As a result the ‘Hero image’ was born

What can a hero image do for your site?

A large image showcasing your company brand, products or even team will instantly draw the user’s attention to you. It will be set in the background within the header of the website with your text buttons over the top. Usually with a call to action and contact information to follow. For example on a taxi web site there may be a large image of a black cab with the call to action ‘Need A Taxi?’ and a number for the taxi company underneath. This fulfils the customer’s requirements within two seconds of them entering the website.

How can ImDigital help?

We have over ten years digital marketing experience and have a team of professional Google certified digital marketers who can help you choose your new iconic brand image. If you are re-branding or simply require something a bit special we work closely with photographers like Stephen Elliott and others who can liaise with you and your account manager to produce a stunning Hero image that will elevate your site and highlight exactly what you want your website to say about your company.

Call one of our Chesterfield web designers today and find out how a bespoke website from ImDigital can help your business grow.

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